Bespoke Courses

As with any of our courses, you can run a bespoke training session at your place of work, no matter where you are in the world. We have a great deal of experience in setting up courses, and can advise whether your venue is suitable.

Bespoke courses can be developed in order to suit your specific needs, and we regularly run such events in order to maximise relevance. In the past we have had bespoke CPD courses covering a number of topics/conditions within a day, or course aims to run through difficult case studies brought by delegates to hone their clinical reasoning. There are also opportunities to run courses for half days, or set up a regular CPD training programme to ensure clinicians maintain their competence in acupuncture.

Foundation training courses can also be tailored if there is an audience from a particular background, recent examples including professional football and women’s health. Although the course aims and objectives remain the same, and the content is very similar to that of any other foundation course, emphasis and case study workshops are directly related to the specific field.

To arrange a bespoke course, please get in touch directly at


Acupuncture Training Courses in Sheffield

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