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MSK physiotherapist


BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
MSc Acupuncture
PGCE in Adult Education
PhD candidate


Adverse event reporting in studies of penetrating acupuncture during pregnancy: a systematic review

“Personal and Professional Development Webfolio” Poster presentation, Physiotherapy UK 2014

“Adverse event reporting in studies of penetrating acupuncture during pregnancy: a systematic review” Poster presentation, Physiotherapy UK 2015

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Carl Clarkson

I founded Acuphys in 2009 whilst working as a senior MSK physiotherapist, being employed in both the NHS and private sector. I had delivered a number of training sessions to junior members of staff, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and combined with a keen interest in acupuncture, led me to begin teaching on a regular basis.

Completing a PGCE in adult education in 2010 made a profound impact on my teaching style and delivery, ingraining the need to create a conducive learning environment which has the student’s learning at the centre of all teaching activities. This is something which I believe makes Acuphys an international success, and why students thoroughly enjoy my courses.

I completed my MSc in Acupuncture at Coventry University in 2011, with the expert knowledge and guidance of Dr. Val Hopwood, Lynn Pearce, several external speakers, and the good friends I made along the way! Not only did this course provide me with essential in-depth knowledge from both a scientific and Traditional Chinese Medicine viewpoint, the MSc framework which taught critical appraisal and research skills prepared me for my future academic career.

Leaving North Tees and Hartlepool NHS trust in 2010 was a difficult decision given the support and encouragement I had had from staff, however moving into a Physiotherapy lecturer role at Northumbria University meant I could pursue my teaching and research interests. Since my appointment, I have been promoted to my current role of Senior Lecturer and enjoy the day-to-day contact with students and academics as much as I did with clinical staff and patients.

These last few years have further strengthened my teaching and learning strategies, and through studying a PhD, improved my knowledge and understanding of research. This has provided the platform to present posters with colleagues at the 2014 (“Personal and Professional Development Webfolio”) and 2015 (“Adverse event reporting in studies of penetrating acupuncture during pregnancy: a systematic review”) Physiotherapy UK conferences, and two further posters at the European Region WCPT 2016 conference titled “Korean Hand Acupuncture for Pregnancy related Pelvic Girdle Pain: A feasibility randomized controlled trial” and “Understanding PPGP: an exploration of sufferers’ views”. I was also the lead author in a recent systematic review on adverse event reporting within acupuncture during pregnancy studies, and a qualitative study on the views and experiences of PPGP sufferers. I completed my PhD in 2017, titled Korean Hand Acupuncture for Pregnancy related Pelvic Girdle Pain: A feasibility Study, which will allow me to extend my research capacity. Finally, I provide consultation to both NHS and private clinics on acupuncture provision, as well as being a peer reviewer for acupuncture related journals.

All of my acupuncture courses are evidence based and interactive, with a particular focus upon integrating acupuncture into everyday practice. I do not believe that acupuncture is a cure for all comers, but it can have an important role in the management of a number of health issues. Whether the course is delivered here in my native Newcastle Upon Tyne, further afield in the UK or on the international stage, I always strive to ensure that each student has enough information to make their own informed decision about acupuncture and its place within their practice.


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