Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance policy is in line with higher education procedures to ensure that we are delivering high quality, accurate and clinically relevant education. We believe that this process emphasises how seriously we take education, and will assure any potential student or organisation that we are experts within our field.

Tutor Quality Assurance

There are a number of measures we take to assess quality of teaching throughout all of our courses, primarily through student feedback and external moderators. Our student feedback is gained via in-course surveys, website testimonials and social media platforms. All comments are thoroughly reviewed and when appropriate, acted upon.

We feel strongly that in order to maintain our position as a leading training provider, our tutors are aware of what works well and what could be built upon. At the annual review panel, we request that tutors submit a reflective piece outlining how they have acted upon feedback, and what they intend to do in the following year to ensure their courses are of the highest quality. As a result, our tutors consistently have positive feedback and are asked to provide further training on a regular basis.

Course Content Quality Assurance

Before any course is advertised, the tutor must submit a lesson plan containing the aims, objectives and course content. These are reviewed internally for consistency, applicability and their pedagogical qualities, and are then sent out for external review.

In line with revalidation approaches adopted for healthcare degree’s, all courses that are deemed appropriate will be subject to further quality assurance at 5 year intervals. All tutors are expected to update their courses in light of any related literature published in the interim period to ensure all courses remain evidence based and within context.


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